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4D Learning Coach’s College Counseling Service: Overview

4D Learning Coach is the College Counselor who enables students to take ownership of their college planning and deadlines by putting everything needed for college planning in one place.

4D Learning Coach is a professional who is the expert in the field. The counseling services the 4D Coach provides to the students are quite unique because they offer the following features that other counseling services don’t:
• 4D uses its proprietary 4D College Application System. This system allows its students to search colleges and universities in its extensive database, and allows the 4D Coach to communicate with the students via emails or texts, and to provide advice on college selections.
• The 4D Coach is available to the student all the time. It is expected that the 4D Coach responds to the students’ inquiries within 24 hours, via emails, or texts;
• The 4D Coach will meet with the students on as needed basis, via Skype (remote) or in person (local).

Unlimited College Advising Services

Unlimited Consultation without Essays - Comprehensive College Application Advising Service:

This service is to assign the 4D Learning Coach as the student's personal college consultant. The 4D Coach will be almost "on call" to the student to provide the college application related service to the student via the proprietary 4D College Application System and/or email, text, and meetings (via Skype for remote or in person for local students) almost 24/7. This service package includes the following:
• Becoming the student's private personal expert advisor who is “on-call” to answer any questions the student may have.
• Providing unlimited consultation to the student
• Granting the student exclusive access to the 4D College Application System so that the student can also do some customized and specialized college search
• Conducting comprehensive assessments for the student
• Providing advice to the student for high school course selection and portfolio building
• Helping the student to plan every step during the college application process, by conducting comprehensive college application review and helping building the student's college applications
• Identifying the type of colleges that fit the student's portfolio and recommending carefully selected college Lists
• Providing reviewing and editing service to the student for the College application package (excluding essays) for up to 5 colleges
• Providing the student professional estimates of odds of getting in by calculating admission-chance-ratings, such as reach, match/possible, and safety/likely)
• Helping the student to manage deadlines
• Helping the student to plan and manage the standardized tests
• Providing special training for the college interview;
• Reviewing college decisions with the student and providing professional advice
• Providing expert advice on handling deferral/waitlist situations;
• Helping the student to plan high school courses;
• Helping the student to plan extra-curricular activities;
• Helping the student to plan academic activities;
• Monitoring the student’s academic performances throughout high school years;
• Helping the student to build a stronger portfolio to improve the chances of getting top-tier colleges
This service provides comprehensive counseling service through June 30 of the student's senior year, regardless which grade the student was in when the service began. Over the years, 4D has coached many students who have signed up for this service. The students who have been advised by the 4D Coach ranged from 6th graders to juniors in high school.

Unlimited Consultation with Essays - The Ultimate College Application Advising Service:

This ultimate college application advising service is the best for most high school students who needs both application advising and college essays help. This service will include the following:
• Including all of the service items in the unlimited counseling service
• Providing essay editing and reviewing service for up to 5 college essays for the college application.
Our essay service include the following features:
• Suggest Essay Ideas - 4D Essay Editors will work with the student to brainstorm essay ideas that fit the student’s specific background best. Our experience show that the topic of the essay is the single most important element of the college essay.
• Review, Revise, Review - The student will work with the Editors to revise the essay, as many time as needed. Upon each revision, the 4D Essay Editor will review the essay again and perform an in-depth analysis, suggest some edit if still needed.
• Language Matters - The 4D Essay Editors will always check all essays throughout the application on language, grammar, and style so that the whole application is error free, in terms of the language.
• Unlimited Revision Advice - The student will receive unlimited guidance, advice, and feedback regarding his/her draft essay. ​
• Comprehensive Consistency Check - Once all essays are done, the Editors will work with the College Counselors to review the whole college application to ensure the application has the consistent style that matches the student’s portfolio. ​
4D Essay Editors are very flexible. They will work with the student via skype and/or Google Docs, and they will work around the students' busy schedule to get the job done.
This service provides comprehensive counseling service through June 30 of the student's senior year.

Specialized College Advising Services

Assessment Only - Special Service for Portfolio Review & Evaluation

This service is designed for students who need only some specific help during the college application process. This service will allow the 4D Coach to answer any questions the students may have. It's 4D Coach's goal to provide a professional assessment on the admissions competitiveness of the students, and recommendations on how to be more competitive.
This service include the following:
• Providing reviews and evaluations of the student's portfolio
• Answering questions the students may have
• Serving as the student's private counselor for up to 5 hours
• Providing expert consultation to the student via various communication tools, such as texts, emails, or Skype
(If the student later upgrades the service to the Unlimited Services, payment to this service will be credited in full.)

Essay Only Service - Special Services on College Application Essays

Students can purchase this service to allow the 4D’s Essay Editors to review and edit up to 5 college essays for the students. Based on our experience, writing college application essay is one of the most important component of the whole college application process. It often becomes one of the most challenging tasks for many students. This 4D service is specifically designed for to allow 4D's dedicated editors to work with the students exclusively on reviewing and editing college application essays.

Deferral/Waitlist Service - Possible Decision Reversals with this Professional Service

The 4D Coach can provide expert advice to students who have been deferred via Early Decision or Early Action or waitlisted at a top-tier college. The 4D Coach will provide special advice to the student and help the student by developing an action plan for getting the decision in the student’s favor.

Graduate School Application Service - Advanced Degrees

The 4D Coach also provide professional advice to students who wish to pursue advance degrees. This service will guide them through the graduate school application process and provide special advice to them so that they have better chances of getting admitted into the graduate schools of their dreams.

Next Step

If you are interested in registering for the 4D Learning Coach's College Counseling Services, or if you have any questions, please call 4D Learning Office at (401) 402-0435 or send an email to If you are local, we could set up an appointment. There will be no charges for any consultations and/or evaluation prior to the official enrollment. We do not take walk-ins.

If you have decided to register for the 4D Learning Coach's Services, please fill out the Registration Form by click the button here:

Once you complete the form, you may proceed to the payment page, or you can request to schedule an appointment with 4D Learning Coach staff.