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SAT/ACT Prep Classes & Tutoring Services

4D offers standardized test prep classes and tutoring sessions for the SAT, ACT, PSAT. Our services are provided by professionals in person.

Over the years, 4D Instructors have analyzed many actual SAT/ACT tests and have developed a strategy that will help the students to conquer the SAT/ACT tests. Through 4D SAT/ACT classes, we will help the students to master the test-taking strategies/skills. Our classes will boost our students' confidence in taking these tests and help them earn higher scores.

We are very proud that our former 4D students have received perfect scors in SAT two years in a row (one in 2016, and another in 2017).

SAT/ACT Classes

SAT/ACT Prep Class Registration

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SAT/ACT Tutoring Sessions

4D Learning Center, 4:30 to 6:30, Mondays & Thursdays

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If you are interested in registering for the 4D Learning Coach's College Counseling Services, or if you have any questions, please call 4D Learning Office at (401) 402-0435 or send an email to If you are local, we could set up an appointment. There will be no charges for any consultations and/or evaluation prior to the official enrollment. We do not take walk-ins.

If you have decided to register for the 4D Learning Coach's Services, please fill out the Registration Form by click the button here:

Once you complete the form, you may proceed to the payment page, or you can request to schedule an appointment with 4D Learning Coach staff.