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Getting into Dream Colleges


Zing G. - Accepted into Harvard, EA, 12/2018
Caroline C. - Accepted into Brown, ED, 12/2018

The College Counseling Service You Can Depend On

4D Learning Coach has an excellent track record. Many of the 4D students have been accepted into top tier colleges in the United States.

For example, most top tier colleges' acceptance rates have been around 20%, while the acceptance rates of most Ivy League schools have been around 10%. Among these top tier schools, a few colleges such as Harvard and Stanford are considered the most competitive, and their acceptance rates have never been lower than 5%.

Comparatively speaking, the acceptance rate of the 8-year PLME program (Program of Liberal Medical Education) at Brown University has been only around 3.3%, which is in fact the lowest acceptance rate among all colleges (only about 50 students enrolled into this program every year).

As of today, 5 students advised or coached by the 4D Learning Coach have been admitted into this PLME program during the past 10 years.

At the same time, we have many other students coached by the 4D Learning Coach Services have been admitted into the Ivies and many other top tier colleges. Please see the list of students who have matriculated into the Ivy+ schools during the last a few years below. ​

Please note that we are reporting here the number of students who have matriculated. In fact, the actual number of students have been accepted by top tier colleges are much higher, because our students are often accepted into multiple top tier colleges at the same time. Since each student can only matriculate into one college, we only report that one college per student to make it simple and straightforward. If we were to report all of the colleges that have accepted our students, the list will be much, much longer. ​

Overall, all students graduated from high school who have been advised or coached by the 4D Learning Coach Services have been accepted into the colleges of their choices. Our success rate has been 100%.


(High School Graduation Class 2015 ~ 2018)

Brown University 5 students (including Brown-PLME 2 students)
Cornell University 3 students
Dartmouth College 3 students
Harvard University 2 students
MIT 2 students
Yale University 1 student

Please note that the above list only shows the colleges that the students have matriculated. These students in fact have been accepted into all of the following Ivy+ schools as well, and they choose to not matriculate into the following colleges:

Columbia University
Princeton University
Stanford University
University of Pennsylvania ​

(Note: There are 10 schools in the Ivy+ (Ivy Plus) Association, which is made of the original 8 Ivy League schools plus Stanford and MIT).


Our Students' Success is Our Success




The services offered by 4D Learning Coach were incredibly helpful to me over the course of the college application process. I am enormously grateful for Dr. Yu’s advice and support, and it was a wonderful reassurance to know that he was there to answer any questions I had. Under Dr. Yu’s guidance I was accepted into my first choice college, Brown University, and am immensely looking forward to attending next fall. I am particularly appreciative for Dr. Yu’s help in preparing for my interview, and I felt that I was much more comfortable and relaxed after having the opportunity to work one-on-one with him.


Jake P., Brown University, High School Graduation Class of 2018


I was a part of 4D for several years. I used the college consulting services provided by 4D, and they made a huge difference in my preparation for college. Dr. Yu has an intimate knowledge of the college selection process, with which he advises students on how to best maximize their time and and resources throughout high school. Unlike other sources I've used, the 4D college consulting service provides specific and detailed assessments of the actions one needs to take, and they have clear results.

Currently, I'm a freshman at Dartmouth College, and I plan (very tentatively) on majoring in Chemistry. I'm taking General Chemistry this term, and I've quickly realized that the only reason I'm doing well in the class is because Dr. Yu told me that I absolutely had to take AP Chemistry online when my school did not offer it. It can be difficult in high school to have a proper perspective of what's important to study and what is not worth spending valuable time on, and Dr. Yu helped me to achieve that balance.


Eitan V., Dartmouth College, High School Graduation Class of 2017


The 4D Learning Coach was there for me at every step of the college admissions process; despite applying to multiple colleges, 4D allowed me to handle each of them with ease and confidence. Even though I was horribly busy with senior project, graduation, and a handful of AP classes at the time, my College Advisor from 4D Learning Coach was still able to work with my schedule and discuss my potential plans for the future. I am now wholly content as a student at Brown University's PLME program, and I am grateful to 4D for being such an integral part of my applications.


Zane Y., Brown University/PLME, High School Graduation Class of 2016


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