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Dr. yu is a professional educator who has passion for teaching and advising students. He sees the need for a specialized college advising program for students who wish to be accepted into their dream colleges. He believes that 4D Learning Coach is the special program that provides the unique resources and opportunities for parents and students to achieve their academic objectives. Since the original program began in February, 1997, Dr. Yu has advised hundreds of students and many students have become students of top tier colleges and have successful professional careers.

Dr. Yu's goal is to guide the students and parents through the complicated college application process so that the students will enter their dream colleges.

One of Dr. Yu's former students wrote the following

My college applications took place during the fall cycle of 2022. By the start of October, I had made no plans for the preparation of applying to and choosing a college. I hadn’t researched the application process, nor had I researched schools and specific majors I was interested in. In terms of my academics, the rigor of the classes I’d chosen, and the passions I’d pursued through high school, I was well set to apply. Yet without knowledge of the process, I’d be unable to make use of the work I’d put into high school thus far, and knew I needed help.

My mom connected me with Dr. Yu, and we instantly began preparing. During the fall, my frequent meetings with him motivated me to do a series of tasks I’d been too unmotivated to do before. I created a professional style resume, I took multiple SAT and ACT tests, and I collected several recommendation letters. These were all things I didn’t know prior to his help that I would need to complete, and wouldn’t have had for my applications had I not worked with him. Because I’d spent over half of high school in-pandemic, I’d missed several crucial school opportunities and had little communication with my counselor or teachers. I didn’t know about the FAFSA or that I should take standardized tests, or which scores to bring up. Having Dr. Yu give me a summary of these processes really helped guide me through my application process and took me from confused and not knowing what needed work, to having a well formulated plan with time stamps.

Dr. Yu helped me to formulate my thoughts into coherent and passionate essays. My rambling sometimes detoured into pointless stories or lamenting, and he helped to refine my essays numerous times until they displayed an image of myself, allowing my raw self to show to the readers. Whichever school I chose to apply to, and whichever essay topics that school required, he helped me to draft new essays and refine them until completion.

Dr. Yu also helped me take my sporadic list of extracurriculars and hobbies and transform them into a spike. I’d previously thought that my activities were disconnected, random events that couldn’t show a story, but with Dr. Yu’s advising, after I created a list of everything I’d done during high school, he was able to help me select which to use to build myself a theme. This made me decide which majors to choose, when I’d never considered before applying what I’d want to do.

He also helped me refine my writing, making it both formal and forward in describing exactly what I was doing and the purpose of it. Because I struggle with writing over the limit, it was impossible for me to find on my own which parts were less important to include in any part of the application, both for essays and for awards/activities, so Mr. Yu helped edit for me. He made my pieces interesting to read and not drag in length.

Lastly, our meetings were not sorted by hours. Dr. Yu was willing to meet whenever I needed and for however long. We often would meet multiple times a day, several times a week, for several hours when I needed a lot of help and had just days or hours to send an application in. My applications were always his priority, and he spent however much time I needed him to at any time. Likewise, when we didn’t need to meet, he allowed me to relax and enjoy my time off from applications.

If I hadn’t had Dr. Yu to push me through my applications, I would have had all of the things I’d built up over high school, but I’d have none of the skill to convey that to application readers in the way that they like to see applications: a way that emphasized my strengths while diminishing my faults, and did so in a concise and aesthetic manner. Considering that he provided me with knowledge of the process and unlimited time whenever I needed all the way until I finished my applications, I am eternally grateful I had Dr. Yu to direct me during one of the most important decision making periods, at a time where I didn’t have much knowledge to be making decisions of this severity without help. Nothing was off limits to him during my applications, and he helped me with everything I needed, from finding schools, to research, to editing, to brainstorming, to deadline prepping, and giving me a clear path through the ordeal.

With a set of statistics that put me near the top but without many differentiating factors or what I saw as big awards or big accomplishments, I was afraid I’d get lost in a pile of students with good grades but who weren’t national champions. Instead, I got into UCLA, UC Berkeley, all the rest of the UCs, Carnegie Mellon, Case Western Reserve, Purdue, University of Washington. When I eventually was at the time to make my decision on which to attend, I had many incredible offers and was very happy in my process. I feel like I made the most of my applications, and Dr. Yu contributed almost all of that success.

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